Lupron Depot- Month 1

Month 1/7 of Lupron Depot Hormone Injections

I received my very first 1 month long injection of the hormone therapy /chemotherapy shot Lupron Depot at my gynecologist’s office on Monday April 6th, 2015. Not a shot person but I barely felt a thing, considering I was intimidated by the size of that thing in the nurse’s hand! This was exactly 2 weeks after a laparoscopic cystectomy and a new found diagnosis of endometriosis. After researching this drug, I’ve been petrified by the reactions of some individuals. Lots of negative comments regarding the drug were floating around google, but I have confidence in my doctor (who has prescribed this treatment before) as well as confidence in my 22 year old health. I’ve never had health problems before January of 2015 and I try to exercise a few times a week. My food intake is admittedly awful, but I am in college and its hard when you don’t have a kitchen or money! I plan to get my 2nd shot, a 3 month long lasting injection, in a little over a week. I was additionally given a month supply of a little white pill I take every night called “norethindrone”. It is a form of the female hormone progesterone and can be used to help combat anemia (which I struggle with but nothing serious), which has helped in addition to my daily iron pills!

This past week, I hung out with some friends and drank beer. Not a good idea. I can’t even explain it but the way I acted to the alcohol was not normal for me. Even my friends (also drunk) noticed. For the next few days after, I slept a lot during the day! Not the entire day but much much more than I usually do. Maybe it was my body’s way of recovering but I definitely learned my lesson!

My Symptoms Thus Far (04/24/2015: 18 days in)

  1. Itching! I am not usually an itchy person but oh my god! It’s mainly on my legs, arms and head. I could seriously scratch my skin off if not for the little self control I have!
  2. Nausea/upset stomach. This one isn’t as bad as the itching but still noticeable.
  3. Memory loss! This one came out of nowhere about a week ago. I have had the same routine for almost 4 months now but could not remember where to go and when to save my life! I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It was definitely alarming. My doctor said on Tuesday when I told her that this was a common symptom and that I just needed to write everything down that had any importance to me. Not a big deal since I am a huge list maker to begin with but still unnerving.
  4. Cramping. Constant period-like cramps for about the past 2 weeks. This is supposed to go away after the first month. I take tylenol sparingly to help with the pain but I’ve gotten to be an expert with pain management and “sucking it up”. Cramps are nothing compared to ovarian cysts!!!

So far, that’s it! I’m very thankful that my symptoms are manageable and not in any way severe. All are annoying but will go away either in a few weeks or after treatment. Also, no reaction to the injection site. I don’t think it bruised or anything. Please comment or contact me privately if you’ve been on Lupron Depot! I’m very curious as to how others have reacted to the drug and if it made a difference after treatment ceased.

Update 4/27/2015

I noticed once I had written this article that those 4 were not the only symptoms I was experiencing, although they have been the worst and most noticeable!

5. Fatigue. I guess this is some thing that I’m more used to, but in the past few weeks I have spent lots of time in bed. If I have nothing planned for a day, I will literally spend it in bed. I’ll think of doing things and being productive but … youtube and netflix always win the mind battle.

6. Hot flashes. These have been weird. At first, I noticed that my general body temperature had just gone up. But now, I will have a few minutes to a half hour of being extremely hot, to the point that I turn my fan on high and change out of clothes. I’ve also been sleeping completely naked (lol!). I don’t really know much about hot flashes and assumed the term kind of spoke for itself.

7. Acne. Usually I’ll get a pimple or two on my nose or forehead but not only has the number of zits tripled, but they’re also popping up in unusual places like my cheeks and neck.

For more info on Lupron Depot, please visit: http://www.drugs.com/mtm/lupron-depot.html

For more info on the drug Norethindrone, please visit: http://www.drugs.com/mtm/norethindrone.html


One thought on “Lupron Depot- Month 1

  1. Hang in there, woman!!! I went through 6 months. It got easier for me after the second month (the cramps and body aches) and I endured the menopausal symptoms throughout. It was worth it for me, though. Pay attention to your body, though, and don’t be afraid to bug the hell out of your doctor. 😀 I’m proud of you! And *fuck* that needle is loooooong. 😀

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