Gun searching

I’ve been looking into purchasing a gun for my own personal use and protection (not that I need it). I know zilch regarding the technicalities of firearms and could use someone’s educated advice. I’ve shot numerous handguns as well as one assault rifle my dad owns, and loved the way the 9mm and the mosquito felt. I’m scared the ruger will be too small but maybe that’s a good thing. Any suggestions will be gladly appreciated. 🙂

– Walther P-22 with laser $400

Walther P-22
Walther P-22
– LugerLC9 (colors) $300-$629

Luger LC9 Raspberry
Luger LC9 Raspberry
– Springfield Armory XD(M) Compact 9mm $640

Springfield Armory XDM 9mm Compact
Springfield Armory XDM 9mm Compact

One thought on “Gun searching

  1. My suggestions fall into several categories
    First, decide how the firearm will be used.
    A firearm for home defense can be a shotgun, a full size pistol, a rifle, etc but a firearm carried concealed while out and about puts you into the pistol category.

    Second, establish a budget. Decide how much you can spend on your firearm….then add that cost again into various things like a holster, a gun safe, practice ammunition, cleaning supplies. If you can afford it, budget some training also. Don’t skimp on spending more on the gun and less on the supplies; a rusty gun or one you can’t afford to shoot does little good.

    Third, go to gun stores and handle a variety of firearms. Find ones that fit your hand, that you can get a good trigger placement, that you can rack the slide, etc.

    Fourth, take that list of firearms to a range and shoot ones they have for rent. See which ones you like, which ones hurt your hands to shoot (at least one will). Some guns aren’t fun to shoot (I have a Taurus TCP738, if someone makes me shoot them with it I will probably be mad enough to beat the stuffing out of them if the shot doesn’t kill them). Find one that fits your purpose — a subcompact might not be ideal if you plan on it being your nightstand drawer gun. While there, think about how you are going to carry it if you do. It makes a difference.

    Lastly, let me again emphasis getting some training. There are some great classes out there like the NRA First Shots Class, their Home Defense class etc.

    Bob S.


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