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Lupron Depot- Month 3

Month 3/7 of the hormone therapy injections has begun. This will be my 2nd shot into the 3 month lasting (11.75mg) shot. I can’t believe I’m almost at the halfway point! It feels like just last week that I had my surgery! My experience hasn’t been as bad as others have undergone and I’m very thankful for that, but my symptoms are still not pleasant to deal with.

I met with my doctor on Thursday, May 21st for another trans-vaginal ultrasound. I was beyond petrified; definitely the most scared I’ve been throughout this whole process these last few months. To review, the previous visit had not gone so well. The ultrasound tech found a 5cm hemorrhagic cyst inside my “good” ovary, or my right ovary. My mom thought I was overreacting after she had a phone call with my doctor a week or so before my next appointment. I wasn’t so sure… I mean, she was shocked when she finally performed the last surgery!! I trust her with my life but I was veryyy skeptical about if these injections were actually going to work or not.

…….So, as of the 21st of May, I am officially cyst free!!! No more surgery (hopefully) for at least the next 6 months to a year! Dr. Green was ecstatic as well, even though it was clear she knew she had been right the whole time. 🙂

As for my symptoms, some have completely ceased and some have gotten worse. The nausea and acne have completely stopped. The continuous bleeding has also ended (thank god!) but the cramps are still there and as consistent as before. The hot flashes don’t bother me as much as they used to, and I think the side medication is helping a lot with that. The itching symptom is still there as well, but again it doesn’t bother me as much anymore. The two symptoms that are really beginning to take a toll on me are the fatigue and the memory/brain fog. Friends have even noticed when we are out to lunch or dinner that I loose my train of thought easily, get distracted more than normally, and can’t remember what in the world we were even talking about! I can’t think straight to save my life and it worries me as I try to begin my career successfully. The fatigue is another huge dilemma. To give you an idea, I usually have to take a break and rest after I complete a small and simple task such as taking a shower.

The worse the fatigue ⇒ the worse the memory fog.

My short term goal to help get through this is to research what others have done to combat both of these symptoms. Any advice down in the comments would be greatly appreciated! Additionally, and I didn’t realize this until my doctor brought it up, my old buddy depression has popped up into my life again. I struggled with this illness back in high school really badly and it is always slightly there, but completely manageable. Dr. Green suggested that I might try switching up my medications. I then had to inform her that I am no longer able to see my psychiatrist due to the fact that she worked for the university I attended and since I graduated, I loose that benefit. So as I am searching for a job and trying to stay in-state, I also need to find a new doctor. Hopefully this symptom won’t get worse, since it popped up at the 3 month mark, but you never know with strong drugs like Lupron.


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