The Job Searching Process…

37. I’ve applied to only 37 “big kid” jobs since my graduation on May 2nd, 2015. So little but it seems like so many!! Even though I’ve got a bachelor’s degree, it doesn’t seem like enough to land myself a simple entry-level job. My favorite part of this experience so far has been learning that you need experience to get experience in the first place. Lovely. I feel like I don’t have minimal qualifications…. I  mean, I have the following qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice
  • An internship with the local county’s Community Corrections
  • Study abroad in Brussels, Belgium
  • A global studies certificate from my university’s Capstone International Program
  • A history of part-time jobs beginning back in 2008

Yet, it’s not enough. I know that I’ve only been going at this for a little over a month now and that 37 jobs isn’t nearly enough applying work, and that there are tons of things I need to work on (like my interviewing skills, badly :/ ); but for every cover letter I write, I spend a good 30-60 minutes crafting the best wording for the given position and it can get overwhelming when you are immediately shot down.

So there are roughly 7 entry-level jobs available after you obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice (CJ), that is, if you want to stick with your field of study: police officer, correctional officer, paralegal, border patrol agent, a form of child protective services worker, parole or probation officer, and an immigration/customs officer. Now I’m not saying that those are the only ones out there, but those are the most common. Out of those 37 jobs I’ve applied for, usually through the job hunting website Indeed, I have applied for 6 out of 7 of the above careers (haven’t been able to find an entry-level paralegal job posting).

I do have a special request that I’ve been trying to stick with; due to my recent medical mishaps (see previous blog posts), I really want to stay in the state of Alabama with my doctor I am currently seeing now. I would most definitely have a better chance at finding a job if I had stuck with my original plan of being willing to move anywhere in the country for a way to pay my rent and student loan payments. And I soon might have to begin applying everywhere country-wide as I’ll have no way to pay the rent (a part-time job at 7.25 an hour won’t cut it) and will need to move back into my parent’s home across the country, and without my trusted doc.

My own goal is to just keep on being consistent with my applications (roughly 7-8 a week) and to suck in as much information as I can about interviews.

I’ve gotten more luck than others working on job applications; I have a coworker who has a degree in library sciences, who has applied to over 120 jobs!! She’s gotten lots of interviews but so far no luck. It seems that the interviewing stage is where most employers make their decisions. My own goal is to just keep on being consistent with my applications (roughly 7-8 a week) and to suck in as much information as I can about interviews. What to wear, what to say, what questions to ask, etc., and hopefully by the end of the month, I’ll be rewarded with a chance to begin my career. And I’m always looking for tips and tricks from those who have done this many times before. 🙂


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