What can you do with a degree in Criminal Justice?

It’s the question that every college student in America asks themselves during their 4 years of schooling: What kind of job can I get with this major? Obtaining a degree in Criminal Justice can lead to a lifetime of career achievements in the field of criminology that can be very rewarding. According to textbooks and websites I’ve scoured since day 1 of freshman year, there are not only a large variety of jobs that are available, but also separate tracks you can choose from based on your individual interests. I’ve listed 7 different tracks within the criminal justice field that provide both entry level positions as well as positions that are steps up the ladder to give you some ideas to brainstorm with. 


Law Enforcement Track

1. Police Officer (ENTRY LEVEL)
2. Police Dispatcher (ENTRY LEVEL)
3. Correctional Officer (ENTRY LEVEL)
4. Parole / Probation Officer (ENTRY LEVEL)
5. State Trooper
6. Fish & Game Warden (ENTRY LEVEL)
7. Detective / Homicide Detective
8. US Marshall
9. Secret Service Agent
10. Fraud Investigator
11. FBI Agent
12. ICE Agent
13. CIA Agent
14. Naval Criminal Investigative Services Special Agent
15. US Border Patrol Agent (ENTRY LEVEL)
16. Fraud Investigator
17. US Postal Inspector
18. Intelligence Analyst

Teaching Track

1. Teach as a professor at a college or university
2. Teach high school: history, law, etc.

Further Education Track

1. Master’s Degree
2. Law Degree
3. Doctorate Degree

Court Track

1. Paralegal / Legal Assistant (ENTRY LEVEL)
2. Bailiff (ENTRY LEVEL)
3. Prosecutor
4. Defense Attorney
5. Legal Secretary (ENTRY LEVEL)
6. Clerk (ENTRY LEVEL)
7. Victim Advocate

Forensic Track

1. Criminologist
2. Crime Scene Investigator
3. Forensic Profiler
4. Forensic Science Technician
5. Forensic Odonatologist
6. DNA Analyst
7. Blood Spatter Analyst
8. Fiber Technologist
9. Ballistics Specialist
10. Computer Forensics Investigator

Private Security Track

1. Security Guard (ENTRY LEVEL)

Social Services Track

1. Mental Health Counselor (ENTRY LEVEL)
2. Social Worker


image CJ 2

*Anything labeled (ENTRY LEVEL) is based on my understanding of the basic requirements of each position. Please let me know if anything is NOT accurate! 🙂



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