My Endometriosis Story

In the beginning, it started as I was driving home from a friends house after a few beers in late January 2015. The pain hit me hard; I assumed it was a cramp from sitting on the couch funny. It was focused on my left pelvic area and included my back. But the pain continued to worsen until I couldn’t take it anymore. Growing up, my mom always told me that I had a low pain tolerance so whenever I complained, she waived it off. After over 24, I finally went to the local clinic. I saw a doctor who conducted a pee test and blood test, and the pee came back with blood in it. She conferred with another physician and let me know that they thought it was either a kidney stone or an ovarian cyst. I was to schedule an appointment with a radiology clinic for an ultrasound and given the pain pill Tramadol. The ultrasound showed a left ovarian cyst measuring about 4.5cm in size. I made an appointment with my gynecologist (Dr. Green, she’s great!) and when I went in to see her, another ultrasound was conducted (this time transvaginal). The cyst had grown in less than a month to 6cm in size and therefore Dr. Green suggested that it needed to be removed through laparoscopic surgery. Since I had been on heavy duty pain pills for a few months now, I insisted my surgery be moved up. So glad I did!! She was NOT ready for what she found once she got in there. My surgery was scheduled for April 13th but was moved forward to March 23rd thanks to a cancelation.


After, passed out in a nice morphine trance: 



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